Community Principles


  • The stakeholders of Tuhava Town have been very committed over many years for a healthier and happier wider community. To date, they have invested heavily in delivering new classrooms, community church buildings, improving sanitation, water supply, housing and education, for the surrounding communities. 

  • The surrounding community will have opportunities for income on jobs being created at Tuhava Town Estate and other developments within the Napa Napa Peninsula.

  • Everyone benefits when joining the Tuhava community.


Tuhava Town provides much needed state land and housing, as detailed in Section 3.6 of the Medium Term Development Plan 2.

We have a responsibility to provide:


  • State Lease Land that is bankable for use in approved mortgages.
  • Quality, well designed and well built housing that is affordable and reasonably priced.
  • To involve and mutually benefit the customary landowners for this and future generations.


  • The thoughtfully crafted master plan features public utilities, amenities, security, marina,  footpaths, conservation sites, and beach.
  • Quality infrastructure, buildings and designs.
  • Business and employment opportunities: light industrial, commercial, conservation, health and education facilities.
  • Well structured and managed Body Corporate run by the developers and owners.
  • Results in an improved lifestyle, livelihood, secures and adds value to the biggest asset of your life – your house.
  • Investing in Tuhava Town is simply investing in a better lifestyle and future.


Buildings and houses are nestled into the natural environment, with minimal change to the existing landscape and removal of native flora.

All homes are designed for energy efficiency, with standard features such as:


  • Large windows for improved air flow and reduced energy requirements
  • Modern thermally improved building materials that help reduce heat penetration. 
  • Solar hot water systems
  • LED lighting to reduce running costs
  • Rain water collection tanks
  • Recycled waste water for common gardens


Tuhava Town is managed by a body corporate structure, assuring a safe and harmonious environment for all residents and visitors:


  • Body Corporate by-laws and regulations enforced 
  • Maintenance of communal infrastructure
  • Security
  • Rubbish removal 
  • Amenities
  • Gardens and Parks
  • Footpaths/ walking tracks
  • Mangrove conservation
  • Beach facilities and maintenance


Safe and secure access to and from Tuhava Town will be managed at all times.


  • Tuhava Town will provide buildings and infrastructure to Australian and PNG Standards as applicable. 
  • Using Rhodes building systems and products, all houses and buildings are signed off by qualified Australian and PNG engineers for a 50 year design life. 
  • Houses are designed to minimise energy and maintenance costs. Your homes will be built to the same standards that large international clients would demand